Wexford Local Development Leader Funding

In 2017 we were awarded funding through the Wexford Local Development Leader Grant Aid. Funding for this grant was provided to community groups for the purchase of equipment, to build extensions, to undertake remedial works, and to support construction of new facilities.

The Templeshannon Community & Childcare Centre was awarded €35,500 through this grant which was used to undertake remedial work to upgrade the Main Hall, and Kitchen in the Community Cafe.

In the Main Hall we had issues with the flooring being uneven, this cause issues especially for one of the main community groups that use the hall, the Templeshannon Indoor Bowls Club. We have used the funding to upgrade the flooring and to remove a wooden stage, this gives users of the hall more space and even flooring.

The Community Cafe kitchen was in a poor condition and needed upgrading to allow us to provide more services to the community. The kitchen has now been completely upgraded to a very high standard and is HSE approved, and is now available for Rent/Hire.

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