Templeshannon Childcare and Community Centre Ltd.
Background Information

TCCC Ltd is a new community organisation in Templeshannon that takes responsibility for the CSP programmes as well as delivering its own education and training initiatives and childcare services.
Our work focuses on the inclusion of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups within society. We act as the first step to combating disadvantage and exclusion by working with the local community and for the local community.

The key socio-economic issues within the Templeshannon area include:

  • High level of lone parent households
  • Low labour force participation
  • High unemployment
  • High incidence of early school leaving
  • Low educational attainment
  • A low industrial base and a low level of technology use
  • Low level of Community participation and low number of groups in the urban area
  • Hidden socio-economic deprivation in some private housing estates
  • High Traveller population

This community suffers from a high rate of social deprivation and this has been highlighted time and time again by a variety of studies.

As an organisation TCCC Ltd. is committed to serving the needs of the Templeshannon community, and to help address the social problems that exist in the community at present.

The main activities of TCCC Ltd include.

  1. Providing affordable childcare for the community
  2. Provide affordable class and meeting room facilities including hire of hall for classes such as martial arts, dance and meeting rooms to local voluntary organisations for activities such as penny bank & savings clubs
  3. Provide facilities for agencies such as the HSE and MABS for specific programmes in the community
  4. Provide facilities for youth groups and homework clubs and more recently to provide a focus and facilities for mens group activities

The community centre continues to facilitate a variety of local groups who offer a wide range of activities to the local people i.e. local dancers, bands, MABS, Brownies, Garda Community Services, Neighbourhood Watch and Rapid meetings. The local health centre continues to avail of our meeting rooms to provide services such as anti-natal classes, counselling and first aid training. Other bodies such as Wexford Traveller Network avail of the rooms to facilitate computer training to local travellers. Summer Fun also avails of the community hall to provide activities for local children for two weeks of the summer.

The successes are the continued support from the local community whilst providing support and services to the community also. Another success is our involvement in raising funds for charities on both a local and national level such as a breakfast morning for Childline and pyjama day for Barnardos.